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Why You Should Maintain Your Roof


It’s always a good idea to be proactive about maintaining your property, and maintaining your commercial roof should be no different. Routine clearing of debris, re-sealing drains and penetrations, and visual roof inspections are vital steps for extending the life of your current roofing system.


To help your building stay dry, Andy’s Roofing offers a comprehensive Roof Maintenance Program for those in the Bay Area. Enroll today, and we guarantee your roof won’t leak all year long!


In many cases, we can also extend the manufacturer’s warranty by up to 10 years on a new roof installation FOR FREE, just by signing up for our yearly maintenance program.


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The Process

At your request, we will schedule an appointment to inspect your roof. Following a thorough inspection, we will provide you with a comprehensive Roof Inspection Report. This report will detail the current state of your roof and explain our recommended corrective actions. After mutually agreeing to the scope of work, we will provide you with a price to perform the initial roof maintenance, as well as a price to enroll in our Roof Maintenance Program.

What our Bay Area Commercial Roof Maintenance Program Includes


Your enrollment in our Roof Maintenance Program includes a yearly Roof Inspection Report in the Spring and two service visits per year in the Spring and Fall.


(See a sample of our Roof Maintenance Agreement)


At each service visit, our qualified roofing professionals will perform the following tasks:


  1. Clean roof of all debris, including broom cleaning areas where dirt and dust accumulate from ponding water.
  2. Remove debris from all drains, scuppers, and gutters, and secure drain cover bolts, as necessary. If the downspouts are clogged below the roof line, you will be notified.
  3. Repair roof flashing and sheet metal counterflashing at all penetrations and curbs, including pipes, vents, skylights, walls, HVAC units, etc.
  4. Repair open seams in the roof surfacing. 
  5. Repair minor cracks or blisters in the field membrane or coating, as necessary for watertightness.
  6. Reseal cracked or missing caulking at penetrations, as necessary.
  7. Custom services for your building.


Our Roof Maintenance Program is a great way for Building Owners and Property Managers to ensure that their roofs will perform (and their buildings will stay dry) throughout the year. We also offer same-day roof repair so you won’t need to wait for service.


Don’t ignore your roof’s maintenance! Call us today for your Roof Inspection Report and to discuss your commercial roofing maintenance goals with a qualified roofing expert!


Commonly Asked Questions About Commercial Roof Maintenance Estimates

What sort of maintenance is important for my roof?

Maintaining your roof means making sure that water is only flowing towards the designed drainage points. Necessary roof maintenance can include any or all of the following:

  1. Visually inspecting the roof for signs of potential water intrusion
  2. Re-fastening material dislodged by heavy wind or rain
  3. Removing accumulated leaves and debris from drains, gutters, downspouts, and waterways
  4. Appropriately sealing around all roof penetrations
  5. Correctly repairing cracks, gaps, and blisters
  6. Washing the roof to maintain its long term reflectivity and cleanliness
  7. Documenting the roofing maintenance process to compare conditions over time

Can roof maintenance extend the lifespan of my current roof?


Regular roof maintenance will ensure that your commercial building’s roof continues to reliably perform as intended for years to come. All roofing manufacturers advise that their roofs be maintained. Preventative maintenance is a worthwhile investment, particularly on newly installed roofs. Regularly scheduled maintenance by a trained professional can ensure that you receive the maximum value for your newly-installed roof system.

Do you offer roof maintenance plans or subscriptions?

You bet we do! We offer a regular maintenance plan on a biannual schedule. We’ll take care of everything and keep your roof pristinely maintained.

How can I sign up for roof maintenance?

If you are interested in signing up for our biannual roof maintenance plan, please give us a call at 510-777-1100 or fill out our roof estimate form online.

Can’t I just maintain my own commercial roof?

You sure can, but after doing it themselves even once, most people realize the value in hiring a professional roofer to do it.

Properly maintaining a roof is not just about putting in the effort. It’s also about having the right tools, using the right material, and knowing the areas that water is most likely to enter your building. Get a look at our portfolio of professional work.

How much does roof maintenance in the Bay Area cost?

Although the cost of commercial roof maintenance in the San Francisco Bay Area can vary due to each roof’s unique complexity and challenges, we can usually put together a service plan that works for you no matter your budget.

In general terms, Andy’s Roofing charges around $22 per 100 sq ft of roof area per visit. That includes two professionally trained, Union-signatory roofers inspecting, repairing, cleaning, and documenting the condition of your roof.

We also offer the option to schedule a commercial roof estimate with us.

Does your roof maintenance work come with a warranty?

As long as you are signed up (and paid current) for our biannual roof maintenance plan, your roof will be warranted against all leaks. In the rare event that a roof leak develops, our biannual roof maintenance plan gives you complimentary and priority commercial roof repair service, which often results in same day leak investigation and repair.

How often does my roof need maintenance?

Roof maintenance service is advisable after major weather events and at least twice per year. We recommend roof maintenance items be completed both before and after the rainy season. It is a good idea to verify the water-tightness of your roof before the rain comes, and to assess and clean the roof after the rainy and windy seasons pass.

Where do you offer commercial roofing maintenance in the Bay Area?

Andy’s Roofing, Inc. is a Bay Area roofing company in Northern California, offering commercial roofing maintenance services in San Francisco Bay Area cities such as:


  • San Jose
  • Oakland
  • San Francisco
  • Palo Alto
  • Milpitas
  • Hayward
  • San Francisco
  • South San Francisco
  • San Mateo
  • Daly City
  • Union City
  • Fremont
  • Alameda
  • San Leandro
  • Mountain View
  • Livermore
  • Sunnyvale
  • Pleasanton
  • Berkeley
  • Walnut Creek
  • San Ramon
  • Dublin
  • San Rafael
  • Vallejo
  • Richmond
  • Concord
  • Santa Clara


Our Guarantee

Once enrolled in our Roof Maintenance Program, your roof will be guaranteed against leaks. If your roofing system leaks for any reason during the term of the Agreement, Andy’s Roofing will repair that leak within 24 hours of notification free of charge!

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