​Being safe starts with our employees challenging themselves to constantly think about ways to reduce accidents and protect our customers and their property.


Each of our roofing applicators goes through extensive, in-house safety training prior to ever stepping foot on the job site. We train for topics such as ladder safety, proper lifting technique, and and fall protection requirements. Our comprehensive training ensures that our projects are completed safely above all else.


​At Andy’s Roofing, safety is not just a concern. It’s our primary responsibility!

Before each project, our full-time Safety Manager develops a job-specific accident prevention plan that consider the subtleties and nuances of your particular project. Our Safety Manager also ensure that each job is stocked with personal protective equipment, fire prevention, first aid, and adequate fall protection.


Our roofing installers also go through accident prevention training as part of their Labor Union Apprenticeship Training.


We adhere to all Cal/OSHA guidelines at a minimum, and always take measures to err on the side of caution.


When you hire Andy’s Roofing, you can be sure we are taking your safety as seriously as you are!

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