Wood Shake and Shingle Roofing


Steep slope roofing materials don’t get much more natural than wood shakes and shingle roofing. They are often manufactured from either cedar or redwood trees. Those made from cedar can be both pressure and fire treated to comply with building codes.

As far as their look, wood shingles will have a smooth, uniform look, while shakes have a rougher surface texture.

Wood shake and shingle roofing systems are perfect for buildings that reside in a moderate climate. They do not hold up well in wind driven snow or rain.

We are asked to install wood shakes and shingles at many of our historical restoration projects. Andy’s Roofing is proud to install shakes and shingles manufactured and hand-split on the West Coast by smaller, independent lumber mills, like Pacific Redwood Products.

We install all of our natural wood roofs in accordance with the standards set by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau.

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