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Clay and concrete tile roofing systems are as elegant as they are durable. They can add a rustic charm to your building and look sharp next to other stone or natural building material elements.

Tile roof systems can trace their origin to thousands of years ago, and are still widely used in modern construction today. When properly installed, clay tile can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years! This makes them one of the longest lasting roofing systems on the market.

Similar to asphalt shingles, tile roofing comes in a wide variety of profiles, styles, textures, colors, and finishes. While the material for this system can be more expensive than, say, asphalt shingles, roof tiles will age gracefully and retain much of their beauty and function for decades.

Andy’s Roofing is proud to be a certified installer for many of the roofing industry’s leading clay and concrete tile manufacturers, including Boral Tile, Eagle Tile, and MCA Tile.

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