San Rafael Armory Annex

Because our company’s founder was a veteran of World War II, we take great pride in being able to work with the California National Guard on their San Rafael Armory and Annex projects.

West Valley College IS Building

When you look at the IS Building at West Valley College, you notice a level of detail and craftsmanship unparalleled by most construction projects. This creatively designed building sits prominently at the front of the school and definitely catches the attention of...

San Jose International Airport

With a total contract of well over $2 million, the San Jose International Airport is Andy’s Roofing Co., Inc.’s largest project to date. We are very proud to have been selected to roof San Jose’s most iconic structure. The uniquely curved roof, known...

Company Picnic

Andy’s Roofing Co., Inc. shows that work and play can co-exist with their annual company picnic held this year, at Vasona Park.